Spoke and Spade is an urban farm growing vegetables for a hyper-local community.

As a reaction to global and local issues, I wanted a friendlier food system for the urban Aussie backyard. My answer: intensive food production, with a clothesline out back, providing healthy, local, fresh food and connection in the community. Following organic principles, Spoke and Spade hopes to celebrate food, farmers and family.

Let's eat a different story.
Here's to dinner tonight -  grown on our street. 

What methods do we use?

We follow organic principles and hope to nurture soil life to create food as nature best intended. No nasty chemicals (pesticides, insecticides, herbicides etc) are used on the farm. We are not certified organic as this process is costly and lengthy and our lease agreement/s are too short. We have had our soil tested to ensure our farm's produce is free from heavy metal contamination. 

We use a range of techniques and clever market garden equipment to achieve the best organic production on our small space. See our upcoming Instagram, Facebook and blog for further photos, posts and videos. 


Why an urban farm?

I want food I trust...
I want to know where it came from & I'd also love to eat it fresh. I want kids to know carrots grow in the ground and small businesses to thrive alongside their communities and way of life. 

When I see an unused lawn, I think food production... 

My interests in agriculture, community development & education, sustainability and alternative economics conspired to create an urban agricultural educational sustainable enterprise! What else?

Who works at Spoke & Spade?

When I say we, I mostly mean me (Simeon), but 'we' does have a nice ring to it...

We is created in the broader community:

  • Land is entrusted to me from locals 
  • Friends volunteer time and eat the freshest food it can buy  
  • Cafes work alongside to give us all tasty lunches. 
  • Artists @Eliseanna create logos 
  • Photographer friends @Kezleh take brilliant photos 
  • Farmers mentor me
  • And you might get involved too!


Curtis Stone (Canada)

A lot of my model is directly based from Curtis' work and content he shares on youtube, podcasts, courses and his book, The Urban Farmer.

And no, he's not the chef. 

Steve Solomon (Tasmania)

Australian/U.S author Steve Solomon, writes about intelligent gardening, soil health and how to re-mineralise soil for nutrient dense food. 

Jean Martin Fortier (Book: The Market Gardener)
Eliot Coleman (Book: The New Organic Grower) 

Transition Farm (Victoria)

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