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What's in the box?

Boxes are crafted with 5-9 fresh veggies picked and packed fresh for your pick up or delivery. You purchase for an 8 week period with nature determining what $25 is ripe for your weekly box from our diversity of summer vegetables (tomatoes etc), roots, herbs & greens.

$25 subscription box example: Pumpkin 1kg $4, Boc Choy $4, Salad mix (baby tatsoi, baby red russian, lettuce, baby spinach, red amaranth) $5, Herb bunch $3, Bunch beetroot ($5), Kale bunch ($4). 
Pick up subscription = $200 for the 8 weeks paid upfront. 
Delivery subscription: $240 for the 8 weeks paid upfront. 

Week by week payments: If you'd like to pay weekly for the 8week subscription, just simply email me first. If you hold a healthcare concession card, I'm open to providing a 10% discount. However, if you can spend the full amount, please do as I'm also concession. Good food shouldn't be isolated, so please contact me if this is a problem. 

Value outside the box
Farmings has risks. Box customers are champions of organic agriculture, food and local business. You're part of eating a different story. Your support over a block (8 week) period  gives me stability to get on with planting, growing and harvesting knowing I've got a tummy to feed.

Veg box market gardening is also known as Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). If we get a great yield, you receive some overflow but, a 40 degree day means our baby greens are at risk, and you share in part of that risk. This model means the farmer isn't isolated by outlying variables. In my experience working on CSA farms, the customer wins 95% of the time. At Spoke & Spade, I’m working hard to capture your support and translate it to an abundance of goods returned.

I’m thankful to those who look & see problems with our conventional agricultural story in Melbourne and want to be a part of new ways of doing food, community and being agents of change to the environmental and social issues of our age.  

FAQ and How to Order below



Where can I order?
We're currently taking weekly box subscriptions by arrangement as we're selling out!
So, call Sim on 0430818618 or send an email to and we'll see if we can get food to you!

How do I pay?
We accept bank deposit and cash. 

What's in the box?
Greens: Baby Spinach; Lettuce; Rocket; Bok Choy; Silverbeet; Spinach & Salad mix variations
Herbs - Coriander, Parsley, Rosemary etc. 
Roots: Beetroot; Spring Onion, Shallots, Green Onion & Carrots!
And lots more, but I try keep it to stock standard grocery items, nothing too out the ordinary. 

I also will add additional extra value (above box value) from customers if its donated to me (last subscription we shared about 20kg of figs over 3 different weeks).
I sometimes purchase storage vegetables like potatoes, garlic or pumpkin from local organic principled farmers I personally know & trust. 

Where's the food grown?
Currently, most of the produce is from my (Simeon's) Heidelberg West urban "farm". This is also where I also live and this plot can produce probably about 20 x $20 of fresh vegetables each week. I've also worked with another young grower (Sam) in Hurstbridge from Nov 17'-Winter 18' establishing and starting a market garden with him. Moving forward, I am re-localising production back to Heidelberg with a secondary plot of (350m2) in preparation just 4km away and leaving the Hurstrbridge site. Some other food purchased is from 30mins away, Dayswalk Certified Organic Farm in Keilor. I've also worked at Dayswalk 2 days a week for several weeks as a part time job this year. Every so often, traded items items with neighbourly market stall farmers occurs as I give trade tomatoes for 2kgs of freshly picked apples. Sometimes these trades are not 'organic' but the principle of local, fresh and good economy is still upheld. So I trade and purchase to add diversity and it also helps if I'm short on food in the garden. 

What's the pricing?
We're in line with most Farmers Market pricing and often cheaper than organic stores like Terra Madre. Bunch sizes are what you'd find in most markets but range from supermarket bunches. If you'd like the price list I use to calculate, please just ask :) 

Is it organic?
More or less, I grow to say yes. We are firm believers in sustainable, regenerative agricultural practices and growing healthy food!  Organic certification has complications my suburban block doesn't allow, so we grow with organic principles at the foundation and try do the best we can to grow "organic" food - chemical free. We've tested our soil to make sure it has no heavy metal contamination. Ask us more, and we'd love to talk about it and can send you test results! Building healthy soil and growing healthy food in market gardening is what we're about.

Tell me more about what is Community Supported Agriculture...
Here's a CSA charter that describes the relationship a bit more. 

What if I don't want an item, can I exchange it for something else? 
You may exchange an item you do not want for equivalent value items if they're available. This is done on the webstore when you order. 
E.g. Exclude $3 Rocket & Substitute $3 Bok Choy

Extra items on an order: 
You can add extra items for the entire 8 week period, or as a once off by placing an extra order the Sunday before delivery. If we have it, we'll add it to your box otherwise it'll turn into store credit for a future order.

What if I can't use or pick up my box?
Maybe you're on holidays, or have too much food in your own garden! Unfortunately nature will have yielded your order so we recommend that you gift your box by letting me know an alternate delivery address nearby or getting a friend to pickup and enjoy your produce for that week. 
Otherwise, I will gift your box to someone in need or donate the value of your box to Lentil As Anything in Thornbury. 

Can I cancel my box?
This box program works as a collaboration between farmer and customer. The farm has planned for your 8 week taste bud support, so you can't simply cancel your 8 week box during that time. Instead, we advocate you find another person to take on the remainder of your box subscription and inform us so we can help this transition. If for some other reason you're not happy with your box, please contact us and we can talk about reimbursement and chat about what's going on.

Will there be another veggie box when the current subscription box concludes?
Yes. We aim to have another box system ready. 

Have you tested your soil?
Yes, we've tested the soil for heavy metal contamination at our Heidelberg Urban Farm and the results came back clear to grow! If you'd like a reading of these, feel free to ask. 

How do I know you can deliver to me?
Please contact us through our contact form or call Sim on 0430818618 to check if you're eligible for delivery. 

Each week I deliver riding up to a 2-3km radius for bike delivery. 

Each week a car drives from: 
Heidelberg to Brunswick
So if you're within a sharp 5mins of our route, we can probably deliver to you. Day/Times to be confirmed.

A note on car emissions:  I usually drive this route anyway to visit family, so whilst there's emissions associated with delivery, they're also personal emissions & I take responsibility for these as well. I'm keen to eventually practice offsetting delivery components as part of your consumer cost. But one thing at a time...

Can I get delivery some weeks but not others?
Yes, but you'll need to inform us 2 days prior to your normal delivery date if you wish to pick up your box instead. You'll also need to pay the full subscription $160 + $40 = $200 upfront and we will reimburse the weekly $5 delivery fee with a $5 note inside your pick up box for the weeks you pick up.
If you just need a once off delivery, please call me prior to delivery date to see what's possible.  

How does a pick up point work?
We leave the boxes at the front porch/carport/shed of the pick up point house (usually a supportive customer) and you simply pick up the box with your name on it. A minimum of 4 boxes are required for a pick up point. If you'd like to act as a future pick up point, please get in contact. 

Any questions, email or call me. Easy.
Cheers, Sim.