Sign up is open Sep 1st until October 1st!
First box of subscription period begins October 11th!

Cost? $30 per box
Pick up subscription = Free
Bike (& sometimes car) delivery subscription : $7 per box
Minimum box buy is x6 and x12 weeks is the default.

Not sure? Want to try a box first?
We’re selling once off $30 trial boxes during September until Oct 4th!
Contact Sim at for details!

More details like delivery, see our FAQ

What's in a weekly box?

Boxes are crafted with 5-10 organically grown veggies picked and packed fresh for your pick up or delivery. You purchase for a subscription period with nature determining what is ripe for your box. 

An example: Gourmet baby salad mix, carrots, coriander, bok choy, zucchini, kale, spring onions.



Value outside the box
Farming has risks. Box customers are champions of organic agriculture, food and local business. You're part of eating a different story. Your support over a long period gives me stability to get on with planting and growing knowing I've got tummies ready to feed from abundant ripe harvest. This system produces a lot less waste too. 

Veg box farming is also known as Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). If we get a great yield from our urban farming, you receive some overflow but 40+ degree days mean our goods are at risk, and instead of the farmer taking all this risk, we all share the balance. The model means the farmers are not isolated by natural outlying variables we can't plan for. In my experience, the customers often score and the farmer is happy to be supported by the community. At Spoke & Spade, I’m working hard to capture your support and translate it to an abundance of goods returned. 

I’m thankful to those who look & see problems with our conventional agricultural story in Melbourne and want to be a part of new ways of doing food, community and being agents of change to the environmental and social issues presented to us. 

Read more about us and the box in our FAQ :)

A photo of last years Summer box

A photo of last years Summer box

Fresh Baby Spinach

Fresh Baby Spinach

Our first harvest Oct 2017, 5 months from starting

Our first harvest Oct 2017, 5 months from starting

How do I pay?
We just accept bank deposit transfer for subscription boxes.

Pick up day?
Fridays 4-7pm are default but we’re having Saturday pick ups too!
Let us know if you need another day.

What's in the box grown by Spoke & Spade
Eat with the season!
Greens: Baby Spinach; Mini Cos heads; Rocket & Salad mix variations; 
Herbs - Coriander, Parsley, Basil
Roots: Carrots, Beetroot; Spring Onions, Japanese Salad Turnip!
Bunched: Kale; Silverbeet; Spinach
Summer fruits: Zucchini, slicer and cherry Tomatoes, Lebanese Cucumber

We also sometimes purchase spray free garlic or mushrooms at times from another farm to add extra diversity.

We prioritise crops that are easy to use in the kitchen and super tasty. Households with 2+ who eat their recommended portion of veggies each day are able finish a box before the week runs out, and many households of 3 + also find it a good foundation for many meals in the week. We’re not trying to provide everything, we’re a small farm growing regular ‘fresh tastes and is best’ for your plate which is also local food grown with organic principles.

Any questions, email or call me. Easy. 
Simeon Ash (nee Hanscamp)

Photo by Tracy Tung

Photo by Tracy Tung