Where can I order?   

How do I pay?
We just accept bank deposit for subscription boxes

Pick up day?
Friday 4-7pm (default) and now Saturdays or by arrangement)

Looking for specific answer - try using a keyword in the search box!

What's in the box grown by Spoke & Spade - Changes with season.
Greens: Baby Spinach; Lettuce; Rocket; Kale; Silverbeet; Spinach & Salad mix variations
Herbs - Coriander, Parsley, Basil
Roots: Beetroot; Spring Onion, Shallots, Japanese Salad Turnip & Carrots!
Summer fruits: Zucchini, Tomatoes, Cucumber

We prioritise growing crops that are easy to use and super tasty. We grow a rotation of items for the box so you can always look forward to next week too!

What's in the box from other farms or places?
Spoke & Spade mutually supports other farms or hobbyist’s to diversify our selection of 6 seasonal staple items that we don't grow ourselves.

We will buy biodynamic, spray free or organic and as local as possible: Carrots, Brown Onions, Pumpkin, Potatoes, Sweet Potato, Garlic, Oyster Mushrooms. Most week’s it is just our own produce.

Fruit: Sim may forage locallly for fresh fruit occasionally (particularly if we're short on produce). This could be figs, pomegranate, lemons, oranges etc. We often give grapefruit away for free too (we have a tree!).
Tell me more about what is Community Supported Agriculture...
Here's a CSA charter that describes the relationship a bit more.

Is there concession availability?
I work pretty hard for the little money we produce from farming, I currently work 2 days outside the farm as well this business for my own income and growing vegetables is difficult with profit margins being tight. So…at the moment we don’t have an offering for concession but this also frustrates me. We’re open to a conversation, so feel free to ask Sim if you’re looking for fresh food and finding it too expensive. We also don’t want good food to be exclusive and may be able to find a solution or come up with a creative trade.

Where's Urban Farm Spoke & Spade food grown?
Across three urban farm sites in Heidelberg West, Heidelberg & Ivanhoe. Check out photo feed to see the latest pics. 

Where does the extra organic/biodynamic produce come from?
This varies for each crop. Potatoes are planned to come from Trentham because I have a farm friend connection, and they're really good potatoes. We'll prioritise food miles as locally as we can.

With respect to the CSA charter, we will inform customers which items are not grown by Spoke & Spade and where they are sourced from. 


*How do I know you can deliver to me?
Each week I deliver up to a 3-4km radius for bike delivery from Heidelberg West, depending how big your hill is... 

Possible car drop off point in Preston, Fairfield etc if you’re nearby on route to a weekly drop off in Brunswick.

How does a pick up point work?
One customer acts as a local pick up location to save time or delivery cost for other members.

Have you tested your soil?
Yes, we've tested soil for a general analysis and checked for heavy metal contamination at all three Spoke & Spade plots. If you'd like a reading of these, feel free to ask. Even though we’ve tested, we also take precautionary measures to further reduce any risk. We’re building up organic matter & washing produce to minimise dirt. We recommend you wash any garden grown produced in urban areas (plus conventional / organic food due to sprays etc) and scrubbing or peeling root vegetables for what suppliers may have missed… as in my understanding, these are the biggest concern for ingesting heavy metals via dirt and not so much via the vegetable itself. I trust my food, as I’m eating it weekly too.

Building healthy soil and growing healthy food is what we're all about so we've also tested with the excellent help of Longely Organic Farm's Soil Doctor Service to assist us build our soil to grow nutrient dense food and minimize waste from fertilizer and run off. If you'd like a reading of these, feel free to also ask. 

What do customers say?
“We love picking up our veggie box from Spoke & Spade. My daughter is always amazed to see how the garden has changed from week to week and loves eating the food Sim grows “only for me” she says. Having the option to buy directly from his little farm is just so special”. Lotta.

Photo Tracy Tung

Photo Tracy Tung


Is it organic?
More or less, I grow to say of course, yes! We are firm believers in sustainable & regenerative agricultural practices to grow and support people eating healthy food!  Organic certification has complications our suburban block don't allow, so we grow with organic principles at the foundation and try do the best we can to grow "organic" food - chemical free. Extra farm produce will be bought if it is also grown organically or biodynamically produced.

Produce foraged or donated (i.e. fruit from a CSA member) has unknown factors to us, and we will still add these to the box if to the best of our knowledge are spray free etc. 

What's the pricing?
We develop our prices by comparing farmer's market, supermarket conventional & organic and local grocery stores for each crop. We aim to be above conventional and below organic supermarket produce, and around other accredited Farmer's Markets small scale organic farmers. If you'd like the current price list, feel free to ask. We value and rate the quality of our produce and also the farmer's time/energy, and charge accordingly. We think it’s great value food.

Where’s your money going? What banking/energy/economy is Spoke & Spade involved in?
We want to be part of creating a sustainable & fair economy. We bank with Bank Australia - a carbon neutral and a customer owned bank. When I eventually pay myself superannuation... I am with Australian Ethical Super. We do not want to support investments in arms/fossil fuel/exploitive human labour. We purchase Green energy from Powershop, they're also carbon neutral. Otherwise, in spending, the business & I (Sim) personally try to purchase locally, use small business suppliers, sustainable sources and generally use money as a force for good - and try as we can. It's something we're passionate, excited and hopeful about. Woohoo! :) 

What if I can't pick up my box or want to cancel?
12 week customers can raincheck credit up to 2 boxes onto their next purchased subscription (i.e. Anita misses one week during the Spring box, and so $30 can be used as a credit if she purchased the 12 week summer box).

However, fortnightly customers and in general, we’re not the supermarket…so maybe you're on holidays, or have too much food in your own garden, however, the box works as a collaboration between farmer and customer and I have planned for your long term taste bud support, therefore, you cannot cancel your box mid subscription when work for you has already been planted. So we encourage you find a friend to pick up your box or to buy the remainder of your subscription if you need to leave. Just inform us, so we can help the new person.

If for some other reason you're not happy with your box, please contact us and we can discuss reimbursement if it is fair and chat about what's going on for you. 

I can also gift your box to locals I know nearby, who love fresh food, but cannot afford or commit to a box for their own reasons. Food Swaps & Lentil As Anything's "Inconvenience Store" in Thornbury would also happily receive your fresh food donations. 

I think I'm looking for something else: If you want a veggie box to order weekly without subscription, we suggest you check out Ceres organic boxes ($6.75 delivery) grown from big farms all over Aus - it’s just not quite as … farmer direct.

What if I don't want an item, can I exchange it for something else? 
We have a swap tub. Pick up customers may put one item in and take one item out. Otherwise we encourage you to gift excess to a friendly neighbour.

Will there be another veggie box when the current subscription box concludes?
Yes. With enough members, we will continue to offer a CSA box. So tell a friend, ring Auntie Gretchen, put us in your school newsletter - community supported agriculture (CSA) is all about sharing local food sovereignty.


Any questions, email or call me. Easy. 
Simeon (or Sim) Hanscamp